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Boiler Servicing & Repairs in Plymouth, South West Devon & Cornwall

Gas Safety Record

Whether you’re a landlord or homeowner, you want piece of mind that you have chosen the very best gas service engineer provider there is out there. It’s already tough being a landlord with current expenses making it costly enough so what you require is a gas service engineer provider who understands your issues, your tenants and the properties you own so as can look after you in much more sensitive caring manner. Here at Acorn Plumbing & Heating (APH) we like to think of ourselves as one big family who helps others. Our packages we offer can be tailor made to exactly suite your needs and requirements regarding cost control making it the perfect choice for landlords and the property agents they may employ.

Boiler Repairs

The services we offer tick all the boxes

  • Gas safety checks
  • Breakdown cover
  • Service & maintenance of all heating appliances and equipment
  • Heating Control
  • Installation & replacement of gas, oil & solid fuel heating systems
  • Inspections & testing of all CO & smoke detector alarms
  • Property reports

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Central Heating Service & Repairs

Its enough of a worry when your own boiler goes down and you have no central heating in you home. When it happens to one of your properties your renting out is usually a lot more stressful as the urgency is doubled because you being the landlord are legally and solely responsible that all the gas appliances in the property are in good working gas safe condition.

Here at Acorn Plumbing & Heating (APH) are a one of the top gas service plumbing provider companies making us the ideal choice to assist your every need to help you out of a crisis. It just takes a call to us where a member of our team will take a few details, discuss the matter and action an engineer to call round, survey the problem, diagnose the fault and as long as the parts are available we’ll repair it and get it up and back running the same day.

Boiler Servicing

We can also look after you when it comes time to renew all the certificate documentation you require as an active landlord. You will receive from us reliability, guaranteed gas safe workmanship and always our honesty all at a cost effective service second to none.

Annual Boiler Service

Having a regular annual service for your boiler is always classed as a prudent idea. Here at Acorn Plumbing & Heating (APH) will look after your system as though it was our own insuring it remains at peak performance at all times and operating to the best of its efficiency whilst maintaining a safe system against any Carbon Monoxide leaks so as to lengthen and maximise its lifespan. Having a regular service maintenance plane in place can also help against your boiler from breaking down as on a service we could well spot a potential fault waiting to happen to initiate a breakdown. Breakdowns are never welcome and usually always happen at the most inconvenient times and can be expensive. One of our services we offer is a 5 star breakdown cover that will also include a annual service. For more information just give us a call where one of our team will be happy to help you.

As the years go by each boiler too becomes another year older. Boilers over 10-years old waste a considerable amount of energy. We install, maintain and repair all boilers no matter the make; size or fault to ensure your home is warm and cosy.


Our experienced team of engineers can swiftly diagnose a problem and action a solution using only the very best quality parts and components on the market so repairing your boiler usually the same day subject to parts availability. All our repairs are covered by a year’s part and components guarantee and a 30-day labour guarantee.

We are Gas Safe registered

Our experienced gas engineers are all Gas Safe Registered for you complete piece of mind. In the unfortunate event of a heating boiler breakdown failure we will ensure that you’re dealt with as soon as possible fixing your boiler so getting your heating on as quickly as possible.

Why use Acorn Plumbing & Heating (APH) for all your repairs

Our engineers have installed many of these boilers with no fuss whatsoever. They do exactly what they say they are supposed to do with no fuss or come back. On installation you receive the manufactures warrantee for a 7-year period but it’s subject to you having kept up with your annual service records from the installation date.

  • Honest, reliable friendly staff that bend over backwards to help you.
  • Our Engineers and trainee apprentices will leave your hose spotless making sure that carpet or hard floor protection is alway down in place whist works are being carried out and will remove all waste materials and debris from site leaving a clean and tidy repair job.
  • We are flexible when booking all appointment times and can accommodate to suit your needs if an evening or weekend appointment is the only option.
  • All engineers are qualified Gas Safe Registered for your piece of mind.

How boiler repairs are dealt with

Once you have contacted us and registered a breakdown we will arrange for an engineer to call out and see you at a time to convenient you so as the problem can be diagnosed.

Register a Breakdown

If all parts and components are available either from van stock or at the local gas merchants and the merchants are open then your boiler will be fixed the same day you call us out. If for some reason the parts are not available as they may be specialized components that need to be ordered we will supply you with a cost for these parts and you then will have the choice to accept the cost for the parts and go ahead with the repair or say no thank you. If you choose to go ahead we will order the parts to be delivered as soon as possible and complete the repair once they arrive at the earliest convenience.

Oil Fired Boiler Repairs

I could just exactly repeat the above paragraph as the exact it applies. The only point you should know is that all our experienced engineers are also qualified in the installation and repairs to oil fired boilers.

Other Boiler Types

From an electric boiler to a electrode boiler. It does not matter to us what you have it matters that we will get round to repair it or provide a solution for its repair.

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Gas Safety Checks

It is highly recommended that you seek only a Gas Safety Registered company with gas safety engineers to ensure all checks comply with current regulations. It is also prudent to carry out gas safety checks at least once a year. Heard the saying, "Its better to be safe than sorry"?

New Gas Fired Boiler

Acorn Plumbing & Heating (APH) can supply and install a new condensing boiler in any make you desire from Worcester Bosche or Baxi to Vaillant or any other you fancy, they all come with a 5 to 10 year manufactures warrantee depending on the choice of boiler you decide to go with. Please see our Boiler Installation page to get more information.

Why it's Good to Maintain Your Boiler

Well really there is only one thing to say regarding this and its “piece of mind” There is also the fact that with regular maintenance and a good service history faults can usually be identified prior to an actual breakdown occurring saving you that awful inconvenience and stress of a non functional boiler, heating system and with no hot water.

We recommend you either obtain one of our custom made service and breakdown packages, tailor made for your circumstances or adopt a regular maintenance service program for your boiler so as to ensure you boiler is constantly operating at peek performance, is efficient, and safe at all times. It’s a wise move as in the long term you may save money on repair costs and even a replacement cost.

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It is a habit for a lot of people to wait until the very end and the boiler is literally on it last dying legs before they make the decision to renew it. This habit can prove to be expensive and very dangerous. If a boiler is functioning incorrectly it can potentially be a danger to you, your family and your home especially if its leaking Carbon Monoxide. A maintained boiler is regularly check so it remains efficient and safe at all times.

Your annual boiler service check includes:

  • Boiler efficiency check to include the flue, gas analysis and we will adjust as necessary to comply with regulations.
  • Gas soundness check with test.
  • Perform an operating pressure check and adjust if necessary.
  • Check the operation of safety devices and adjust if necessary.
  • Visual inspection of all exposed pipework to all appliances.
  • Hover and clean out of any dust and dirt inside the boiler casing.
  • Visual inspection of the flue.
  • Assess the current ventilation and recommend if required.
  • Check for any slow migrating gas leeks.
  • A Gas Safe Registered engineer carries out all work.

Any form of boiler maintenance, service or care can only be carried out by an approved gas heating engineer who has been trained and accredited to a certain standard to meet with current safety regulations being Gas Safe Standards for gas central heating boiler maintenance.

A Gas Safety Check explained

A gas safety check is the evaluation of safety to all gas appliances. A Gas Service is a more structured in depth check of all gas appliances.

The appointed service engineer will evaluate the physical and visual condition of the appliance being looked at. The ventilation, pipework and flues will also be looked over to identify any signs malfunction, degrading of damage. The service engineer will initiate a performance test, record all findings and take whatever action is necessary to abide with the current regulations.

It is of the upmost importance that you maintain a regular service history record for all gas appliances as per the manufactures instruction leaflet. Keeping up a good service record will ensure an efficient safe operating appliance at all times.

Tell tail signs you gas appliance needs a service

Gas appliances, including your boiler needs servicing regularly. It may however start to show little warning signs that something is wrong. If you see any of these signs we have listed you need to contact us as soon as possible for us to arrange for an engineer to call out and attend to your situation.

  • Your boiler is not flashing on as usual or struggling to flash on.
  • Black stains or marks are visible on or around the boiler.
  • A pilot light will not stay alight.
  • The boiler is flashing and burning with a yellow flame rather than a blue flame.
  • A significant increase in condensation levels inside the room where the boiler is situated.

Please feel free to contact us for help or advice

Renewable Energy

If you are interested in booking a survey for any of our services or just a gas safety check, please contact Acorn Plumbing & Heating (APH) and a member of our team will be happy to help or advise you.

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